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[2:04:24 PM] Jason Kim:
Fairfax French Cleaners uses only the most up-to-date
environmentally safe dry cleaning equipment, processing up to
60 lbs. per load. We use only the highest quality additives in our
dry cleaning solvent to keep whites white and colors bright without
chemical odors.
Our laundry department boasts the newest shirt pressing machines,
which produce a high quality finished shirt. Shirts can be processed
with light, medium or heavy starch at a rate of 95 lbs. per load. Before the shirts reach the customer they are checked for missing buttons, which are replaced at no charge to the customer.
Our special wash formula is specially designed to meet the standards of today's fabrics.
Quality alterations on all your garments, including:
Shorten/lengthen hems
Take in/let out waists
Shorten/lengthen sleeves
Take in/taper seams
Install new linings
Mend or replace broken zippers
Install new pockets
Install new shoulder pads
Replace missing buttons, snaps,hooks etc.

We can perform creative repairs that prolong the life of your wardrobe and give advice on when NOT to put money into repairs!

Your wedding gown is unique and deserves to be handled by an expert. Fairfax French Cleaners has many years’ experience with cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. Each dress is examined and given a customized cleaning based on the material and stains, and is then hand finished. Wedding gowns can be hung and packaged ready to wear or can be placed in an archival quality preservation box. The box slows down any aging on the material, while allowing the dress to be stored conveniently.
Our suede & leather specialists clean your most precious and valuable items with great care and attention to detail.
We also offer alterations and repairs on these items.
Looking to get you Persian rug cleaned? We clean all sizes and types of rugs with a specialty in Oriental and Persian rugs.
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